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The most stressful part about being a mother is to make the baby sleep. Though infants spend a big part of their day sleeping, their sleep timings will not necessarily match yours. After juggling work, household chores and babycare the entire day, you deserve a good quality of sleep. Here are the top 10 tips to get the baby to sleep, so you can enjoy a few hours of rest.

  1. The good old lullaby

Nothing works better than a pre-nap routine for the baby and the lullaby often always wins the race by a huge margin. A pre-nap ritual will help your baby sleep faster. Note that babies thrive on routines. If you let always rock her to sleep while singing a song, the baby will fall asleep faster and she will anticipate sleep every time you sing to her. It is a great way to bond with the baby as well.

  1. Develop the sleep routine

Slowly, accommodate your baby to sleep on sunset and wake on sunrise. It is difficult to wake a sleeping baby but you can usually rock her, sing to her or just take her out on a small walk to wake her up. She will soon start feeling comfortable. Similarly, start dimming the lights of your baby’s room one hour before bedtime. Let her know that it is sundown. Use drapes and curtains and adopt a quieter environment. The baby will learn to sleep.

  1. Lower temperature

Cooler rooms help with sleeping faster and they improve the quality of your sleep as well. Therefore, it will be wise to start lowering the temperature of the baby’s room slowly. She will soon start picking up hints that its bedtime.

  1. Restrict bedrooms for sleeping

You can make your baby play in the house during the day and take her to the bedroom only when it is time to sleep. As soon as she wakes up, bring her out. This will also stimulate a natural response in your child that bedroom means sleep time.

  1. White noise

Though some parents consider white noise a fancy alternative to a lullaby, it actually works, especially if you are a busy mom. White noise is also helpful when you are travelling. It creates a sense of peace and calm which could make the baby sleep better.

  1. Bath

Do you bathe your kid right after she wakes up? Instead of doing this, try to bathe her before going to sleep. Use a little warm water and let her enjoy the bubbles in her bath before she gets tucked into her nightclothes. A relaxing bath can help soothe almost anyone. You can try it with your baby as well. However, if she thinks bath time is play time, you may have a hard time making her fall asleep.

  1. Dreamfeeding

Most parents have found this to be an effective technique to get an uninterrupted sleep during the night. The idea is to feed the baby while she is sleeping or at least drowsy. Do this right before you go to bed. Most babies will get up in the night because they feel hungry. However, with dream feeding, your baby’s belly will be full and she will likely not wake up at an odd hour.

  1. Avoid overwhelming scents

Some babies love to develop fragrance routines. They will fall asleep when they smell essential oils like lavender. However, most babies are highly sensitive to smells as well. Even if your baby likes the smell of essential oils, make sure that they remain oblivious of other kinds of scents. A bedsheet that has been washed in a very fragrant laundry detergent could be overwhelming the senses of your baby. So be careful and use only mild essential oils (no more than a drop).

  1. Be close to her

The baby wants to be close to her parents. A small act like putting your hand on her stomach while you place her on the crib could be very soothing. Make sure that you are as close to her as possible. Some people prefer co-sleeping because it helps develop deeper bonds between the parents and kids and even builds a sense of security and protection in the baby.

  1. Get her some exercise

The baby should not sleep all day long. When she wakes up, make sure she is well fed and she gets some time to play before she sleeps again. When the baby is physically tired, it is easier to get her to sleep. Otherwise, she will be oversleeping throughout the day and crying in the night.

Try all these tricks one by one and see which ones work with your baby. Remember, all babies are different. You will have to experiment a lot before you find the right method.

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