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One of the most important milestones of your baby’s progress. Teething will start between the 4th and 6th month and the baby will start feeling an itch in their mouths. To get some relief, they will start putting everything they can find in their mouth. Instead of doing this, introduce your baby to teething toys. They will help her feel some relief and spare you from some horrors as well.

Here are the top 10 teething toys that you can buy for your babies.

  1. The Honest Company Teether

This is a simple yet highly effective way to help your child during teething. It is shaped like a butterfly and helps the baby in getting soothing relief from the itchiness of their gums. The silicone design of the toy ensures that it remains in shape for longer and doesn’t harm the soft gums of your baby. The toy is dishwasher safe as well. If the child needs extra soothing, simply freeze the toy. For sanitation, just keep the toy in boiling water for a few minutes.

  1. Munchkin Twisty Ball Teether

This teether is for the baby who feels teething itching in several places at once. The ball-shaped design of the teether is good for the entire mouth. So, if the baby wants to keep chewing on it all day, she can do it with ease. The teether has a lot of options. It has 10 textures for the baby to chew on according to her comfort. This is not all, it makes a few rattling sounds as well. This keeps the baby busy.

  1. Zoli Gummy sticks

They have an elongated design, which makes them very easy for the kids to use. These gummy sticks will be very helpful for sore gums and excessive itching. They gently massage the gums so that the mouth remains trouble-free.

  1. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

This option is for the babies who love to chew on fingers. It has a traditional ring and fingers design that helps keep the baby occupied without presenting any choking hazards. This is usually a good piece of kids who enjoy a smaller, leaner toy than a full-sized ball-shaped teether.

  1. Nuby Teetheez Teether

This teether is good for the youngest of the lot. It has a soft silicone construction and comes with numerous textures so the baby has a lot to choose from. It is completely dishwasher safe and comes in a traditional design for more ease of use. The teether can help in gum stimulation of the young one and remove itchiness.

  1. Green Sprouts Ring Cool Teether

This teether is for babies who don’t enjoy the texture. Many babies prefer to chew on to something smooth instead of texturized toys. In fact, their gums may even get irritated because of it. If your baby is like this, you may want to give her this teether, filled with sterilized water. It is completely free of harmful chemicals like BPA. Moreover, you can freeze it before giving to the baby if she is facing inflammation.

  1. Maple Landmark Teether pair

If you are cautious about using silicone or plastic for the teether, consider getting this wooden teether. It is free from harmful chemicals and has a smooth finishing that helps in natural stimulation of the baby’s gums. This is not all, it can even help the teeth to cut through more easily. This teether is anti-microbial and highly durable.

  1. BEBE Cookie Teethers

These cookie teethers look like Oreos. The cookies are shaped like plain and strawberry Oreo biscuits and come in bright colours too. They are made of medical grade silicone which helps in ensuring the safety of your child. The good news is that they come in a set and one teether is harder than the other. No matter what hardness your baby prefers, she will find this one to be a great toy.

  1. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

If your baby is slightly older and you would like to introduce her to toothbrushing early, this teether is perfect for her. It comes in a lovely and attractive banana shape. The baby will get to know how to use a toothbrush early on and it will help her maintain oral hygiene later in life.

  1. Raz Baby Raz-berry teether

Want to introduce the baby to fruits and vegetables early? Try this beautiful raspberry shape teether. It has bright green and red colours that will instantly attract the baby’s attention. She will love the texture of the toy which easily soothes sore gums.

No matter what your baby prefers in toys, there is a teether that can suit her needs. You don’t have to buy just one. Experiment with a couple of teethers to keep the baby entertained for longer.

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