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While strollers are the best way to carry your baby safely around town, bassinets are the perfect options to keep them safe at home. These compact beds can be made of natural materials of metal and come with a comfortable padding on the inside to keep your baby safe. There is no other option for an infant that provides comfort as well as safety. If your child is not as big to migrate to a crib yet, then a bassinet is the best choice for you.

Here is the complete guide to buying a bassinet for your baby.

The size

Of course, the first thing that you have to look after is the size of the bassinet. It should be adequate for your baby to lay down comfortably. Make sure that it is slightly bigger than your baby’s size because she will grow very quickly. If you buy something according to her current size, you will likely have a hard time fitting her in a couple of months.

The features

Are you buying a basic bassinet? Check out ones that come with more options like storage spaces for diapers etc. On one hand, this kind of features helps you in saving space, especially if you are living in apartments. On the other hand, it helps in organizing baby’s stuff at one place so you don’t have to go looking everywhere when you need to change a diaper.

There are many bassinettes that can be used as changing tables for the babies. Some others are movable too. They have wheels that make movement between the rooms easy. Some modern bassinettes now come with built-in gentle rocking features too. They may combine it with sounds, music and other gentle movements that mimic a mother rocking her baby to sleep.

If you like a range of features in one product, shop around and find the ones that suit your needs the most. Note that more features will increase the price of the product too. If you don’t want anything fancy, just go for a plain basinet with storage cabinets or toys hanging for the child to play with.

Bedding and canopy

Check the bedding and canopy of the bassinet before buying. The bedding should be no more than 1 and a half inches thick. This is optimum thickness for the comfort of your child. However, make sure that the bedding is made of good quality. The baby may feel uncomfortable in the bedding if it is made of low-quality fibres or creates any kind of friction. Make sure that you press the entire surface of the bedding to check that it provides comfort to the baby.

Also, make sure that the bedding isn’t too firm or too plush. Babies, just like everyone else, need a mildly firm bedding which supports their spine. No matter how much you want to make the bedding plush, ensure that it has a firm support from beneath. The bed linen can be as soft as you would like. Some parents also like to buy bed diaper sheets to avoid any accidents.

The canopy of the bed should be stiff and must have a firm frame too. Note that many toys hang from the canopy. Kids are naturally curious and they may try to reach out to these toys. If the canopy is fiddly, it may fall down and suffocate your baby. A stiffer canopy also helps in blocking light adequately for the child to sleep. Never go overboard with frills and curtains. They create strangulation hazards for the baby.

Final inspection

Before buying the bassinet, make sure that you check it for sharp corners and edges. If the bassinet carries a JPMA seal, you can rest assured that it has passed all necessary safety testing. Make sure that the base of the bassinet is strong and sturdy. If there are any folding parts, make sure they work well. Ask a store help to show you how to fold a bassinet perfectly so you don’t face problems when you get home.


Finally, make sure that the bassinet is strong and good enough to handle your baby until she is at least 25 pounds. These items retire very early and you will soon have to make way for a crib. Therefore, going for a basic option with a few toys and a strong build quality is always better to get value for money as well as safety for your child.

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