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Let’s face it, no matter how cute strollers look, they hamper your mobility and create innumerable hassles for the child as well. Baby carriers are easier solutions to this problem. Strap a baby carrier on your torso and carry your baby right near your heart. It stays safe, remains protected from injury and doesn’t have to face a bumpy ride while moving around town with the parents.

Here is a complete guide to buying the best baby carrier.

Look at the options

There are three options available for parents- front/back carriers, sling carriers and wrap carriers. All of them offers unique advantages. Front/back carriers often offer the most support and comfort, both for the baby and the parent. If your baby can hold her head up and you don’t need to breastfeed her every couple hour, this variety is the best.

Sling options are good for mothers who want to breastfeed or those who don’t feel comfortable with the front/back carrier options. If you want more customization options, try the wrap carriers. You can wear them any way you want. However, note that wrap and sling carriers do not have as good support as the front/back carriers. If your baby is heavy, avoid them.

Looking for something else? Try the Chinese Mei Tai. It is a hybrid between the traditional front/back carrier and a wrap. It is more comfortable and the baby usually remains well-adjusted inside the gear.

Buy in person

While online shopping for baby gear helps you in keeping prices low and get exposed to a better variety, buying in person is always a good idea. This is because you can adequately check the fit of the baby carrier when you buy at a store. Unless you are sure about the size of the carrier your baby needs, a store-bought gear will be a better idea.

The sales team at the stores know exactly what babies need. If you are a first-time parent, you will be amazed at the options available. They will help you understand what kind of carriers will suit your baby the most and even help you wear them properly for optimum security. Most people have a hard time understanding how to use their carriers. This is especially true for wraps, slings and Mei Tai carriers. They have a small learning curve which could be best handled with the help of a professional.

Features you need in a good baby carrier

  • Adaptability

The size of your baby will change rapidly. Therefore, you have to find a carrier that can be adjusted easily to her size. A small carrier will make her feel uncomfortable while a larger carrier will compromise her security. Many parents prefer to buy the sling or wrap carriers for smaller babies and structured front carriers for older, heavier babies.

  • Comfort

The carrier should be comfortable for you as well as for your baby. The material of the carrier should be comfortable and must not cause excessive sweating. You could end up with rashes and itches at the end of the day if the material is uncomfortable. For the babies, the seat should be comfortable for long hours of wear.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The carrier you buy should be easy to clean and maintain too. Kids create a lot of mess and you may often have bits of food and drinks spilled on the carrier. If it is difficult to reach the insides of the carrier, they may build up fungus, creating foul smells, stains and health risks for your baby.

Are you wearing your baby the right way?

Make sure that the baby carrier is tightly fastened to your body and there are no loose straps. Your baby should be in good view all the times. In fact, a good way to check if the baby carrier is right is to see if you can kiss her. The baby’s size should be kept in mind while buying the carrier. Note that most carriers only talk about the baby’s weight, paying zero attention to their height. Make sure that the carrier balances the weight well.

Now you know all the ways in which you could buy an awesome carrier for your baby. Pay great attention to comfort and make sure that you buy your carriers from trusted manufacturers only.

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