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8 Best Diaper Pails – DO NOT BUY before reading this!

Who likes poopy diapers? Stinky diapers can leave your house with a stench throughout. Nobody likes smelly diapers, especially when they are all piled up in a trash bag, and making the entire place stink. This why you need a diaper pail. They are specialized for the following:

  1.  Employ sealing.
  2.  Absorb the odor.
  3.  Trapdoors to prevent your little one’s room from smelling foul.

Why Do You Need A Diaper Pail?

Diaper pails do not take a huge space in your house, nor are they an absolute necessity. You can choose to opt for a regular trash but it is recommended to not use a regular trash because they are not hygienic enough. As your baby grows, the poop starts smelling even worse. By the time they reach the age of one, it becomes intolerable. So what do you do to handle this problem? You most obviously might go out to dump it in the dumpster or throw it in your trashcan. Now imagine doing that every one hour? This strategy might work for a couple of days for you but for the longer period, it will cause you major trouble, taking in all your energy. Hence you need a diaper pail. Some of them are easy to use, some are not. Some can mask odor, while others cannot. Some are durable, while others require proprietary bags. There are dozens of options in the market but we bring for you a list of the best diaper pails in the market currently.

So you have two options here – one, to continue running every soiled diaper to a trash can or use a diaper pail. A diaper pail is designed to lock in the odor of the used diaper and reduce the unpleasant odors. Here’s a list of the 8 best diaper pails to choose from.

8 Best Diaper Pails 2018

#1 Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered by Arm & Hammer ReviewThis diaper pail is magical when it comes to masking the odor. It has been designed beautifully in matte white with silver trim. It is slightly more than 2 feet in height and comprises of a self-sealing system, whereby they seal the bag shut as the lid closes. When you open the flap, it automatically opens the internal bag too, which uses a ring-style refill system. When you close the flap, it further uses a unique twist self-sealing technique to shut the bag too. It also compatible with the seal, toss bags and snap too. The dual refill compatible feature allows it to work with toss bag, seal bags and snaps too. This diaper pail masks odor by using an Arm and Hammer baking soda puck that helps to absorb the smell, further letting out a lavender scent to conceal the stench. This is an excellent diaper pail and its selling feature is its ability to control the odor, which is very important to a good diaper pail.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • Proven great for concealing odor.
  • Self-sealing system seals every bag when the lid is closed.
  • The dual refill compatibility makes it compatible with both rings and snap and also toss bags.
  • It absorbs odor and lets out a mild lavender scent.

#2 Diaper Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pail

Diaper Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pail ReviewAnother great diaper pail in the market currently is the Diaper Dekor Hands-Free Diaper Pail, which is pretty sleek in design and comes in a variety of colors. It works with regular trash bags and even with reusable cloth ones. It features a foot pedal and it can be used with just one hand. Once you step on the pedal, there will be a trap door that you have to lift. They come in three sizes: classic/ regular, plus and XL. The difference only lies in the number of diapers they can hold. The most selling feature of the Dekor Diaper Pail is that it is childproof. Once your child is grown up, they can get their hands on it. The trap door locks, the lid also locks and the bottom access door also locks well. The cutter on the door is also childproof. The best thing is you can use it as a regular trash can once you no longer need it as a diaper pail.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It can be used totally hands-free and comes with a pedal and trap door.
  • It is affordable and values for money.
  • It is effective in concealing odor but does not let out any mild scent like the Munchkin Step Diaper Pail.
  • It is compatible with cloth diapers and can be converted to a trashcan too.

#3 Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail ReviewThe Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is made of powder-coated steel in order to control the odor. It comes with rubber seats that are made to lock the door, along with a sliding lid to minimize air disruption, keeping the odor locked inside the pail. It is easy to use with easy disposal system to load, use, empty and clean the pail. It consists of a childproof lock and comes with different patterns. There are no specific bags required for this diaper pail. It can also be used as a trashcan in the kitchen. Further, the rubber-sealed seat prevents leak within the pail, apart from keeping the odor locked in. It is eco-friendly and comes in 13 different colors and 3 patterns. The top of the pail has a baby-proof knob so as to prevent children from opening it completely. If you want to empty the pail it is very easy, just lift the lid and the ring and then simply tie the bag and pull it out to throw it.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • The rubber seat helps to lock in odor and prevents from leakage.
  • It comes with a childproof lock.
  • It can be used with tall-size kitchen bags too.
  • The top of the pail has a childproof knob to prevent children from opening it.

#4 Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Pail

Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Pail ReviewThe Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe Pail is an affordable diaper pail that is the latest version of the popular Original Diaper Champ Deluxe. Although it fails to control odor, its biggest selling point is its ability to use kitchen trash bags for refills. If you are budget conscious, this diaper pail is ideal for you. Its usage is very easy – you only need to flip the top lid for bag removal. The Diaper Champ uses a handle that has to be pulled up to open the little pouch where you can place the diaper. Once you push the handle down, the pouch will turn upside-down and drops the diaper into the pail. An added bonus here is that you can use it a regular size kitchen garbage bag that acts in a way to reduce the foul smell and the stench of a soiled diaper is better contained.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is affordable and easy to use.
  • It can also hold kitchen garbage plastic.
  • They can hold stinky diapers at ease.
  • You only need to flip the top lid for bag removal.
  • No assembly is required.

#5 Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail

Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail ReviewThe Playtex Diaper Genie Elite Pail is made of a sturdy, antimicrobial plastic that controls the stench of soiled diapers to a considerable extent. The Diaper Genie bags also come with a seven-layer design that prevents the odor and germs from escaping it. There is a carbon filter inside the lid of the pail that captures the smell of the poop. It is ideal for parents looking for a hands-free diaper pail. It also consists of a foot pedal that is used to open the lid of the pail and comes with an easy bag removal feature. A big selling point of this pail is its ergonomic height; so you don’t have to stoop down to drop a diaper.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is made of antimicrobial plastic to contain the stench of poop.
  • The foot pedal helps for hands-free lip opening.
  • The front tilting door helps for easy bag removal.
  • The height helps you to throw the diaper in it without stooping low.

#6 Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail ReviewIf you wish to keep poopy diapers out of sight and your kid’s room free of stink, go for Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail. It is designed to fit enough for standard plastic bags, hence there is no need to buy customized bags that are usually hard to find. Its selling point is that it comes with a baking soda deodorizer disc, which lets you fit it into the underside of the flap in the top. Alike some of the previously mentioned in our best diaper pail list, this too lets you used your kitchen garbage bags, which makes it very convenient. The body is sleek in design and it is sturdily built with high quality and reliability. It is well built and comes with an affordable budget, which is why it comes in our list of 8 Best Diaper Pails.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is easy with one-hand use.
  • It is compatible with the standard kitchen plastic bag.
  • It also includes a baking soda deodorizer disc that controls the odor.

#7 Tommee Tippee SimpleE Diaper Pail

Tommee Tippee SimpleE Diaper Pail ReviewThe Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper pail, alike the Diaper Dekor, uses a ring-shape refill cartridge and comes, with high quality and reliable surface. It uses a two-layer odor protection in which, the lid in the top pops up and a small flap pushes the diaper inside the bag. The helps you to avoid the waft of the diaper odor the moment you open the flap. You have to open the top with your hand, however, it is convenient in this regard as well. It is affordable and the cheapest on our list.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with a multi-layer film and a smart seal that controls odor.
  • The film contains antibacterial ingredient that kills germs.
  • The refill cartridge can dispose of up to 180 diapers.
  • It comes with a pre-loaded refill cartridge.
  • Affordable and high-quality surface.

#8 The Diaper One n Done

The Diaper One n Done ReviewThe Diaper one n Done is the most glamorous diaper pail on our list. It’s comparatively smaller than most diaper pails. It is not completely a diaper pail, it is more of a perforated roll of bags. All you need to do is throw the dirty diaper in the bag, tie it, and rip the bag off the roll and then you can put a fresh bag in it. It works best if you hang it from a bar or drawer, it becomes more convenient that way. It looks beautiful, unlike most dull looking metallic or plastic pails.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is ultra-glamorous in its look.
  • It is a great value for money.
  • It is more of a perforated roll of bags, rather than a general pail.
  • Individual diapers are sealed.


Nobody likes their kid’s room to be smelling of poop all the time. It is not even hygienic for the baby to be in that room. Until 6 months, the smell of your baby’s poop remains less but after a year, it becomes heinous. On top of that, it can get extremely tiring and frustrating to keep going to the trash can to throw the soiled the diapers every now and then. Therefore you need a diaper pail for convenience and its ease of use. We hope our well-researched list of 8 best diaper pail in the market for the year 2018 comes to you as a relief!

5 Best Diaper Bags – DO NOT BUY before reading this!

As parents, carrying tote bottles, snacks, books, diapers, and wipes can be a huge meltdown for you. With kids, it can be really unpredictable. You might think your kid is full, but that very minute they might cry for food. It is obvious for them to be super regular with crying for food and then pooping every few hours. A diaper bag comes handy in it, as a tote that can stuff in all their essentials in one place. You will feel a lot better packing them all together and then taking them out whenever the need be. If you have a well-designed diaper bag that is spill-proof and has a lot of compartments for a convenient option to hold all your baby’s essentials. These diaper bags come in many different styles from satchels to cross bodies. They are great for multi-tasker moms!

Why Do You Need A Diaper Bag

It is a basic thing to know that your baby needs a lot of stuff since the time they are born. Every time you need to go out with them, you would want to ensure that all their essentials are taken care of. It also adds a level of valuable sanity and hygiene. However, choosing a diaper bag can be a difficult task since you need to know how many compartments you would want and what all would you want to fit in it. You have to ensure to examine all the features before you decide to buy one. So make sure to take some time in going over choices to ensure you buy the best diaper bag for your little one’s needs. Parents have the pre-conceived notion that normal bag also comes handy that can be used a diaper bag. That is not true. A normal bag comes with 2-3 pockets, while a backpack diaper bag comes with as many as 14 pockets. This makes a diaper bag far more practical and a better option the others.

What To Look For In A Diaper Bag

Here are the key features to look for in a diaper bag that we will discuss in details later on.

  1. Well placed compartments
  2. Lightweight feel
  3. Durability
  4. Strong zipper
  5. Good fabric

Diaper bags are a utilitarian product that can even be used as a purse when your kid is growing old or as a carry-on travel bag for fathers. You have to understand that a good diaper bag is not just about a brand name and you also have to know how to differentiate between a bad diaper bag and a good diaper bag. Ideally a good diaper bag comes with a lot of storage space, with well-placed compartments and should have a lightweight feel. The durability is also a strong feature of a good diaper bag that comes with strong zipper and sturdy fabric. For instance, a leather bag might look stylish but is recommended that you do not opt for it, since they are heavy. And imagine milk spilling over a leather bag! A good diaper bag also comes with changing pad, stroller hooks, and wipe holders. However, you have to make sure to ensure that the changing pads are not of low quality or too small in size.

It is also important to see if your diaper bag also consists of changing pads or not as it helps you to remove and clean a pad when it gets dirty. This helps in maintaining the bag for a longer period of time. Fortunately, most of the diaper bags come with this feature.

The handle is again another important feature of a diaper bag. Make sure to have handles that are short and durable. If they are too long, your bag might drag on the floor when you carry them. So go for the handle depending on your height.

Types Of Diaper Bags

  1. Messenger Diaper Bags

These diaper bags just have one strap and are designed in a way that makes it comfortable with fathers. They come in different designs and patterns and can also be carried by mothers.

  1. Tote-Style Diaper Bags

These diaper bags look more like the handbag and are best suited for mothers. They come with a strap that can also be detached.

  1. Stroller Handlebar Diaper Bags

These diaper bags are similar to messenger bags, but they are designed in a way that it can attach to a stroller. They are spacious and come in bigger size. So make sure to go for one that is light in weight.

Here’s a well-researched list of 5 of the best diaper bags in the market that are convenient, easy to carry and very useful to fit in all your must-have essentials of your little one when you are on the go.

5 Best Diaper Bags

#1 Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack W/ Stroller Straps

BAG NATION DIAPER BAG BACKPACK W/ STROLLER STRAPSThis one is a multi-purpose hands-free diaper bag that is extremely easy to carry and offer all the busy parents who need to keep their hands 100% free. It consists of wide heavy-duty straps that offer safety and comfort, which most average diaper bags fail to offer. It is made of sturdy and high-quality polyester that makes it long lasting. You can even tie the straps around the stroller, when necessary. The diaper bag is extremely bag-friendly and the straps are also resistant to water and spill. The ergonomic design makes it an ideal choice for parents who move around a lot.

The bag consists of 12 multi-sized pockets, one of which is insulated and can accommodate all kinds of baby kinds of stuff from food to extra clothing to bottles. Another pocket is designed in a way that can stuff in wipes to help you tackle changing challenges. This diaper bag also comes with a durable changing pad and a sundry bag that is practical and easily accessible, making it even more useful. The bag comes with a lifetime warranty that is a rarity and it is a durable and high-quality product. It can be carried by both fathers as well as mothers because of its unisex design. While most bags are designed in a way to focus on women carriers, this one is exceptionally wonderful in that way!

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The diaper bag holds all essentials of the baby hands-free.
  • It is water resistant with non-fraying stitching.
  • It has 14 pockets, one for every need.
  • It comes with a durable changing mat and a sundry bag.

#2 Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

GRACO GOTHAM SMART ORGANIZER SYSTEM BACK PACK DIAPER BAGThe Graco Gotham Diaper Bag is the most affordable and prettiest diaper bag in our list. It is made to be functional and practical in the market in 2018. It is spacious and happens to be lightweight with a lot of compartments to organize your baby’s essentials. It comes with three main compartments, each with extra pocket areas. The inner small pockets have elastic to keep extra items. There is also a zipped pocket wherein you can keep your keys. The three compartments in the bottom can be easily opened and sealed up with ease of Velcro. There are also two side bottle pockets that are insulated to hold your baby bottles. You can easily open the wipe box with one hand.

Aforementioned, it is lightweight and the straps are adjustable and padded. The handle at the top has padding too so it does not feel heavy when you carry it. The back area too has padding and mesh, which allows it to be spacious. The striking feature about this diaper bag is that it comes with wipe case dispenser and a diaper changing pad. The backpack is made of polyester and is durable and easy to carry. It also has a thin layer of plastic which prevents the surface from liquid spills.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with a wipe case dispenser and separate storage pockets.
  • There are three big compartments.
  • A diaper changer pad is also included.
  • It is lightweight and the strap is adjustable and padded.
  • It is a value for money and is a unisex bag that can be used by both fathers and mothers.
  • It is functional with extra pockets and two side pockets for storing baby bottles.

#3 Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

JU-JU-BE B.F.F. CONVERTIBLE DIAPER BAGThe Ju-Ju Convertible Diaper Bag is an impeccably sized diaper bag that is affordable and comes with the sturdy design. It enables parents to carry their baby stuff without being tired. The bag is lightweight and can allow you to access the stuff inside the bag at great ease. It comes in great design and patterns. The bag also comes with the zippered bag so that the essentials inside the bag remain safe. Aforementioned, it is easy to carry and comfortable to use. The shoulder straps are removable and therefore you can opt for it depending on your convenience.

It is made of pure nylon and is easy to clean and maintain. It is also durable and strong and designed in a way that it can cope with strong impacts without ruining its quality. Taking care of the diaper bag also comes at ease. In order to ensure that the bag remains in the right condition, it is suggested that you do not overload it, as it can ruin the shape of it.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is made of 100 percent Nylon.
  • It has large storage options to keep your baby’s essentials organized.
  • It includes a memory foam changing pad.
  • It has 3 exterior pockets and 7 interior pockets.
  • It has extra pockets to fit in the baby bottles, that is insulated.

#4 Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

JU-JU-BE LEGACY COLLECTION B.F.F. CONVERTIBLE DIAPER BAGThese diaper bags are for the stylish parents! They are high quality and extremely stylish, consisting of pockets for both the mother and the baby to keep you ultra organized. They can work as both a messenger bag as well as in a backpack style diaper bag. It is made of polyester and is compatible with the washing machine as well as for air dry. Its Teflon treated outer fabric prevents the bag from stains to stick to it. It also comes with agion treatment on the inside to protect the inner lining from inhibiting odor-causing bacteria. There are 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets and 2 exterior pockets for holding bottles. It also comprises of mommy pockets for holding cell phones, along with a lot of open space inside the bag. The bag also comes with a lifetime warranty that is not found with most diaper bags.

In order to make the bag more practical in use, there is also an extra bottle pocket. The drain holes in the back pocket are designed in a way that they can remove crumbs and keep your bag clean. Overall, this diaper bag is a stylish one which also comes with a number of useful features, and that’s why it comes in our top 5 list of best diaper bags in the market in 2018.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is stylish, spacious and extremely useful.
  • There are 4 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets, 2 exterior pockets.
  • The pockets are large enough to accommodate different items.
  • There are drain holes in the back pocket that is designed to remove crumbs and keep the bag clean.
  • The Agion treatment protects the inside of the bag from inhibiting odor-causing bacteria.
  • It comes with lifetime warranty.

#5 Skip Hop Forma Backpack Diaper Bag

SKIP HOP FORMA BACKPACK DIAPER BAGThe Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag is a standard diaper bag that is not as stylish as the others on the list but is quite useful. They are convenient and extremely comfortable as it allows you to be hands-free so that you can also carry your little one while carrying them too. The backpack is large and spacious to fit in all your baby’s essentials. The double zippers allow you to access your baby’s belongings at a jiff. Since they are hands-free too, you’ll almost forget you are carrying a backpack with you.

It is made of polyester, which also makes it water resistant and prevents the bag from letting in moisture. You can rest assured that the clothes and diapers will stay dry inside it. The texture is sturdy and it can easily adjust all your little one’s essentials. Skip Hop is known to create high-quality bags that are comfortable to carry. If you want, you can also place it on a stroller as it comes with stroller straps. Make sure to connect to bag well with handles! It has a total of 12 pockets to allow you to organize all the required items properly. The inside of the bag is clear and bright. It also consists of 2 elastic pockets on the back. The pocket on the front is ideal for keeping your mobile phones, wallets or any small item that is an essential in your day-to-day lives.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It is spacious and comfortable to carry and also allows the option to carry it hands-free.
  • The inside of the backpack is bright and clear so that you know the items that you carry in it well.
  • There are 12 different pockets on the inside.
  • There are 2 elastic pockets in the back as well.


By now you must have understood this well that a diaper bag is not something you can carry with you occasionally. They are to be used every time you take your kid out, to only make your parenting simpler. Diaper bags come in various shapes and sizes so look for the one that you feel comfortable with. A diaper bag is a practical option for those who wish to carry their baby with them as well their essentials hands-free.

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