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6 Best Infant Car Seats For 2018 – DO NOT BUT before reading this!

Infant car seats are exemplary for newborn babies as they are lightweight, convenient and can perfectly fit in for your little one who can snuggle in it. It has all the characteristics that can meet the needs of both your baby and your needs. If you are looking for the top 10 infant car seats in the market for the year 2018, we suggest you give this guide a read. For heads up, infant car seats are not the same as convertible car seats. Convertible car seats can be used both in a forward-facing mode as well as rear-facing mode, but infant car seats are designed in a way that it can only be used in a rear-facing position. This is actually a good thing! Ask why? It is recommended that small infants should ride in the rear-facing position up to at least two years of age since it is safe for them. Here are few benefits of infant car seats that you won’t find in most other car seats:

  • You can easily snap them in and out from a base.
  • It is convenient to carry from one place to another while the baby is sitting inside it.
  • Whether the baby is a newborn or a growing infant, an infant car seat provides a snug fit for the right support for your baby.
  • They are relatively lighter than a convertible car seat, making them convenient to be carried around.

It is often very confusing to choose from all the different brands and models available in the market. In terms of usage too, it can get really difficult to choose a specific model for your baby. You need to keep a lot of other things in mind, such as cleaning, safety, comfort, and support. Keeping all of these in mind, we have created a list of 6 best infant car seats for you so that we can make the task of choosing the right model for you easier.

Considerations To Make Before Buying An Infant Car Seat

  1. Car-seat base

A car seat base facilitates you to easily fasten the infant car seat in and out of the vehicle. Most infant car seats come with such base. When travelling with your baby, all you need to do is put the infant car seat into the base and buckle up your baby, and you are ready to go. When you reach the destination, you simply need to unlatch the infant car seat from its base and carry it with the baby in it. Moreover, the bases of some infant car seats come with add-ons like an adjustable foot that facilitates a proper angle of recline and a bubble level indicator confirming if you’ve achieved the correct installation angle or not.

  1. Adjustable

To accommodate your baby’s growth, the car seat must have an adjustable harness, headrest, straps, and harness’ height should be smoothly adjustable from the front. Most high-end models have harnesses that don’t require re-threading together with single-hand belt adjustments with quick-release buckles and single-hand height-adjustable headrests.

  1. LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children)

The LATCH system allows parents to directly append the infant car seat to their vehicles rather than using a seat belt to protect the car seat safely. This makes the installation process more manageable and most infant car seats only use the lower anchors but not tethers. Latch connectors usually come in two styles: a “rigid latch” that sticks straight out of the seat’s back or one that’s attached to a flexible strap threaded through the car seat.

  1. Easy to clean

The seat pad and fabrics of an infant car seat should be detachable and machine washable, so whenever your baby spits up or messes on it, it’s manageable. You would be able to easily and quickly wash the seat pad and immediately dry it for use whenever you want to hit the road.

  1. Comfort

An infant car seat that’s well padded should be more comfortable than one that’s not padded correctly. Additionally, there must be removable inserts for the head and body areas to provide your baby with proper support, snug fit and comfort.

  1. Side impact protection

This is vital as babies need optimum protection around their head, neck and chest areas in-case of a collision. Some infant car seats contain special energy-absorbing foam along with side impact protection that engages air-protect technology to make sure that your baby is safe during impact.

Convertible VS Infant

While it seems that purchasing a convertible car seat would be the most efficient, there is a distinct advantage to also using an infant car seat. You let your sleeping baby, the one that always dozes off in the car and peacefully stays asleep. Instead of having to unbuckle and lift them out of the seat to leave the car and ruining their perfectly peaceful nap, you simply raise the infant car seat from its base and can either snap it onto a stroller or just use the car seat as cozy resting spot if you’re heading inside to visit friends or family.

6 Best Infant Car Seats

Now that you know all the nitty-gritty of getting the best infant car seats, we suggest you check this list of top 6 infant car seats for 2018.

      1. Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

GRACO SNUGRIDE CLICK CONNECT 35 INFANT CAR SEAT REVIEWThe Graco SnugRide’s Click Connect – 35 Infant Car Seat is an excellent car seat on our list. It is lightweight, and the seat is an all square one. As it’s tall, it has a high weight carrying capacity. This safety seat has many more features. Comparing all the features of the safety seat with its price you’ll find it as the best pick. But before being sure about it, you should go through this review so that you have a better knowledge of the product. In this review, we will analyze everything about the product in front of you and help you choose your pick. Every child seat has some unique features that are convincing enough for you. We’ve tried to make the whole thing as user-friendly as we can. Now, Graco SnugRide is a well-qualified product with a lot of features.

  1. a) Light Weight: The Graco SnugRide – Click Connect – 35 Infant Car Seat is one of the lightest infant car seats. Weighing merely 7.5 pounds, it is large but comfortable to handle and maneuver owing to its light frame. This is a significant feature because it becomes much easier to carry the baby inside his or her car seat. Also, it makes transferring this car seat from the car base to a stroller simpler.
  2. b) Comfortable: This Infant Car Seat comes with plenty of soft cushioning and is crafted of a smooth material. Babies are comfortable enough to be soothed to sleep in this car seat especially while the car is moving.
  3. c) Latches to Car: The base easily attaches to most modern cars, with two metal hooks looping into the docking points in the car. For making it more user-friendly and for additional safety, you can even secure the base with a seat belt. Then the actual infant seat can click into place and keep your baby safe.
  4. d) Fits 4 to 35 Pounds: This baby car seat can be used for babies as small as weighing 4 pounds. Nothing is more difficult than having a premature baby; in addition to all the health concerns you face you have to purchase new equipment made especially for them, including a car seat since the one you had doesn’t give them the support needed. This baby car seat also works well for babies up to 35 pounds, making it ideal for keeping the baby rear facing as long as possible.
  5. e) Removable newborn insert: This car seat can accommodate newborns as well as preemies with the supportive insert. The insert provides their heads and necks with the required support. It is also detachable so that it won’t get in the way as your baby grows. It can also be removed before washing.
  6. f) 6 recline positions and level: It has six distinct recline positions as well as a pendulum level that helps you to ensure that your car seat and base are installed correctly in your car. You don’t want to take chances with the safety of your baby, and the recline level and positions help to make it possible to know when your car seat is done right.
  7. g) Safety standards: Last, but not least, the Graco SnugRide’s Click Connect – 35 Infant Car Seat fulfils every safety requirement and follows every standard for infant car seats. Saving lives of many babies, they are amongst the best sellers for a reason. 


CHICCO KEYFIT 30 INFANT CAR SEAT REVIEWThe Chicco Keyfit 30 is a superior-quality, beautifully designed, rear-facing infant car seat and has become the seat of choice for many parents. Its popularity will be a major benefit for you as you’ll soon discover it in this article. It can be used in one configuration, i.e., as a rear-facing infant seat. You’ll require a convertible if you need a front-facing one. It’s one of the newest infant seats from Chicco, and aims to improve child safety by increasing the odds parents have of correctly installing and using car seats from day one. The company calls the Keyfit 30 the most comfortable infant car seat a parent can install, and they also go as far as to claim it to be the highest rated infant car seat out there. The seat was clearly thought out well ahead of time, and that led to the good design and solid construction. The covers of Keyfit 30 are machine washable (use cold water cycle on delicate along with a mild detergent, and then line dry them). The seat is detachable from its base and attachable to Chicco strollers, which makes it easy to carry your children while on the go. The harness adjuster is exceptionally fluid, which helps in loosening and tightening. You can achieve a proper install either with the seat belt or using the lower LATCH anchors. The seat can be fitted with or without the base.

  1. a) Safety: Like all infant car seats, the Chicco KeyFit 30 is crash tested and offers extra side-impact protection. It has an unyielding design and plenty of head and body support. If you have a premature born or a newborn child, the infant insert feature offers extra comfort and keeps your child safe. When your baby turns big enough, you can detach the insert. Although the seat works well for small children, s/he will outgrow it at 30 inches and 30 pounds, so you’ll need to upgrade to another car seat before long. Keyfit 30 is also airplane compliant, so if you travel a lot, it will serve the dual purpose by keeping the baby safe on the ground as well as in the air. The LATCH connectors secure the seat into place tightly, so that there will be no movement virtually in the case of an accident.
  2. b) Convenience: For many parents, while buying the car seat, the deciding factor is how well it comforts their lives. The KeyFit 30 carrier fits with most of the Chicco strollers, including the Cortina. The base is easy to install in any vehicle. It has a storage compartment with the installation instructions. You can comfortably fit wipes or diapers inside that storage compartment for emergency situations. The cushions on the seat are tricky to remove, but once taken off, you can wash them in a standard washing machine. Install of this seat is possible with or without the base. Hence, you can keep the base in your car itself. If you need to drive your baby in someone else’s car, the seat fully adjustable without the base. Instructions relating to “How to do this safely” are in the manual.
  3. c) Additional Features: The Chicco Keyfit 30 includes all the extra features we look for. The adjustable base and harness support the seat to fit your growing baby. KeyFit’s canopy offers adequate protection from direct rain or sunlight, but it is a little shorter than we would expect. Also, it’s difficult to use the canopy having an adjustable carry handle, so you might have to get an aftermarket blanket to shield your baby when carrying the car seat. The adjustable head support feature on the seat ensures that the baby has the head support s/he requires while growing. You can quickly adjust the seat using the centre-pull adjustment strap, which fits both straps at once with a single pull.
  4. d) Support: KeyFit 30 comes with one-year warranty. The Chicco website provides excellent support; a downloadable version of the instructional manual is one of the services. One can search for Chicco products in his/her area with the local retailer search function.

       3. Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat ReviewThe Evenflo ProSeries Pivot is a stylish travel system with three reversible modes. It’s selling features include a large three-panel canopy, cruiser tires, ergonomic handle for effortless handling, SafeMax infant car seat with anti-rebound bar. The 3-in-1 stroller solution offers a versatile design is adjustable with the growth of your child. Infant mode provides both Car Seat Carrier and Carriage function. With the growth of your child, the pivot’s usefulness evolves to accommodate both forward and rear-facing seated positioning.

  1. a) Adjustable in the vehicle: SafeMax Infant has a seatbelt lock-off in the base allowing the base to be joined to the seatbelt without locking the belt itself. The lock-off is also used for the lower LATCH anchor installation, but should never be used with both the seatbelt and LATCH at the same time. The base of the infant seat has two different ranges of weight for proper recline of the baby. The light blue area is for the smaller infants (weighing 4-20 pounds), and the green is for larger infants (weighing 20-35 pounds). Evenflo has never allowed the handle to be left up in the vehicle and the SafeMax Infant is no exception to this. The handle must be down in position 3 when it is used in the car. The result of this handle position is that the seat takes up a full inch more front to back. Evenflo mandates a 1.5″ of clearance space between any part of the carrier and the driver or from the passenger’s seat directly in front of it.
  2. b) Seat belt installation: To install with a seatbelt, place the base on the vehicle seat and press down to simulate the installation to determine if the recline is adequate for the size of the child. If more recline is needed, turn the knob on the base to drop the foot down, if less is required, rotate the knob and press down to collapse the recline foot. Open the lock off by pushing down on the lock-off door and pushing the button at the same time. Route both the lap and shoulder portions of the seat belt through the belt path and buckle. Pull the slack out of the seatbelt and then close the lock-off. If the lock-off doesn’t close, you may need to loosen the seat belt slightly. Check for tightness at the belt path to ensure that you have less than an inch of movement side-to-side and front-to-back.
  3. c) Stroller compatibility: The SafeMax Infant seat is available for purchase as a part of the Pivot travel system or on its own. The Pivot stroller can accommodate children of up to 50 pounds and can be used with the SafeMax infant seat or the standard stroller seat, which can be transitioned to a bassinet if desired and both the car seat and the regular stroller seat can be used facing inward or outward.
  4. d) Recline: The base of the Evenflo SafeMax has two different weight ranges for proper recline of the infant. The light blue area is for the smaller infants (weighing 4-20 pounds), and the green is for larger infants (weighing 20-35 pounds). If the highest recline provided by the recline foot is not adequate for your child’s size, you can roll a small blanket or towel and place it under the foot of the base resulting in an increased recline angle. The indicator is easy to read; however, it is unfortunately only on one side, which makes it tough to install on the driver’s side of the car, especially if there are adjacent seats.

       4. Britax B Safe 35 Infant Seat

Britax B Safe 35 Infant Seat ReviewOne of the most recognised and respected names in child-safety products is Britax. The Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is definitely one of their best car seats when it comes to the structure and ease of use. When strapped into this properly installed car seat, you can rest assured that your baby will be safe. B-Safe 35 is also part of a large Britax travel system along with all of the safety features. This infant car seat stands apart from the others because its designers figured out how to make an easy to install infant car seat. This rear-facing car seat comes with a base and carrier designed for comfort and impact-resistant safety. While many infant seat bases are confusing to install, the Britax B-Safe 35 is not confusing at all. The base has centre pull straps and push-button LATCH connectors, so you immediately know if the seat is safe in your car. Detaching is just as easy; you can remove the entire seat with a push of a button.

  1. a) Ease of install: This seat has the push-button anchors that directly click-in to the LATCH connector. These anchors are simple to attach by thrusting them into the U-shaped vehicle anchor points. The strap of this infant seat is easier to tighten than that of the competitors’, and significantly simpler when it comes to loosening, which is quite rare. The seat also has an in-built recline foot on the base. This feature helps the parents to find the right angle for installation. They get a visual cue with the included “level indicator” to guide them.
  2. b) Ease of use: The buckle is smooth to push, and the two sides are relatively easy to position. The chest clip which has an easy to depress button slides apart fluidly. It is also easy to mate the two up when buckling. The harness on the seat is stiffer to tighten than most of the competition, and we worry this may get worse over time as the strap gets grimy. The release button is located at the foot of the carrier on top of the padding near the tightening strap. The shoulder straps detach from the splitter plate, and they thread through the slots on the seat’s back. The straps then rethread through the higher slots and consequently reattach to the splitter. It isn’t a difficult task, but considering the number of steps involved, it feels like a hassle. Some seats can adjust with the baby in the seat and do not even need rethreading; which puts B safe 35 in a disadvantageous position. The corresponding crotch strap has two positions, and together they offer enough variability to achieve a proper fit for most babies.
  3. c) Comfort: The padding on this Britax is relatively thin and flexible compared to the competition. The shell quality of the B-Safe 35 is better than the cheaper products in this review, but not as good as the options in the same price range. However, the overall fit and finish look good compared to a lot of the competition. The handle on this seat is a durable part of the carrier. The canopy on the seat is also superior and looks like it can survive through the average useful life of the seat. The canopy is larger as compared to the competition. It doesn’t have a peek-a-boo window but is one of the best-looking canopies in the group.
  4. d) Value: This Infant Car Seat is a favorite choice of the parents who like its attractive design and high-quality safety features. The seat is easy to install and for its ease of installation when compared to competitive brands – it has some of the highest ratings. It is part of the B-Safe 35 Elite Travel and Britax B-Agile System. Parents can use the car seat with these useful strollers. While the car seat is not perfect, the flaws are not safety related. Britax has several valuable accessories that add to the durability and usefulness of this car seat.


PEG PEREGO PRIMO VIAGGIO 4/35 INFANT CAR SEAT REVIEWThe Peg Perego’s Primo Viaggio 4-35 is a rear-facing infant car seat for babies weighing 4-35 pounds and with heights of up to 32 inches. It is equipped with a “Right Tight System” to lock the base in place securely. It has an innovative shell design for maximum safety and comfort. The base has a built-in anti-rebound bar for added protection. Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 weighs 9.5 pounds. The handle is compact making it easier to carry. The car seat can be used without the base and has a color-coded belt routing system to ensure proper attachment. This seat is supported by car seat adapters from top rated strollers outside of the Peg Perego lineup.

  1. a) Ease of install: This car seat is more substantial, and an easier to use anchor. It is utilized by being pushed on the vehicle’s U LATCH anchor and released by pushing the red button. The straps on the Peg anchors are easy to tighten, but it is only about average for loosening. The base recline can be adjusted using a knob that can move the foot up and down. The foot is easy to adjust even when the base is tightened down, unlike some of the other seats. This will lead to higher compliance by ensuring that the base remains adequately installed as baby grows.
  2. b) Ease of use: The buckle on the Peg comes out with minimal efforts but is rigid than some to put back together. Unbuckling doesn’t require much thumb strength, and most people can do it with one thumb on the button. The chest clip can be operated using one hand and is like the Recaro Performance Coupe chest clip. The buckle button is easy to push, and the sides apart without catching. They are also easy to match up when putting the sides together. Adjusting the shoulder strap length on this seat is a non-rethread design which you operate from the back. To use the sliding mechanism, you first need to squeeze it together with your forefinger and thumb to move it up and down; the squeezing is uncomplicated, and the sliding is smooth.
  3. c) Quality: The Peg earned one of the highest marks for the comfort of the seat padding. It has a foam padding having medium firmness, over the ordinary stiff, dense foam. The double layer padding makes this really comfortable, and babies will really feel cozy in it. The fabric is smooth and silky on the majority part of the seat with a little rougher fabric on the bottom cushion area. The shell on this infant seat earned it the highest score in the side-by-side comparison by durability and overall quality.
  4. d) Value: The Peg Perego is an impressive car seat. It is a distinctive looking product that is simple to use and comes with exciting features providing safety and convenience. It has the most compatible and easy to adjust shoulder heights and a subtle buckle that is not as hard as the competition. Most strollers offering car seat adapters support the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seat.

      6. Baby Jogger City Go Infant Car Seat

Baby Jogger City Go Infant Car Seat ReviewThe Baby Jogger’s City Go Infant Car Seat features a lock-off on the base and European belt routing, a no-rethread harness and a substantial infant insert. Additionally, it has a huge waterproof canopy with UV protection. The narrow base and carrier help in tight spaces. The European belt routing feature is advertised as a “taxi-safe belt path”. The seat’s box reads “Taxi-safe belt path allows the seat to be installed into a vehicle without the base.” European routing does limit rotation in a collision; it’s noteworthy that a seat placed without the base, with standard routing, in a car, taxi or any other vehicle, is safe. Installing an infant seat without its base in a taxi is a sound and safe solution for travelling in the city limits. City Go connects to Baby Jogger strollers; however, a special adapter needs be purchased separately from Baby Jogger.

  1. a) Ease of use: The Go has a similar buckle to those found on the Chicco seats. The buckle is easy enough to press, as is the chest clip. The handle is adjusted by pressing in on dual buttons on either side simultaneously and pivoting the handle up. The handle rubs on the canopy when the canopy is down, and the handle is down, but they do not interfere when they are both up which is more important. The handle has four positions. Installing the carrier onto the base is easy and smooth. The carrier rests easily on the top of the base and gravity pretty much does the rest without much need for additional pressure. The LATCH anchors store by clicking on either side under the base, which is not very elegant, but it keeps them out of the way. The Go manual slides into two clips on the bottom of the base for safekeeping.
  2. b) Weight: Carrier weight may be only marginally relevant for parents moving the carrier from car to stroller or inside their house steps away, but it can be critical for parents that need to carry the carrier long distances or spend time in the city where toting a baby may be more common. The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 weighs only 9.58 lbs.

The process of buying the best infant car seat for your little one can be a tedious one. You also need to be extra careful and aware of all the features that come with it so that your baby can be comfortable in it and be secure as well. You would also want to ensure that all the features that come with the infant car seat are comfortable, safe, easy to use and easy to clean as well. So what is the wait for? This list will suffice to all your needs in buying an infant car seat for your baby.

The 5 Best Convertible Car Seats – DO NOT BUY before reading this!

Your baby’s safety is your utmost priority and we understand that very well. You would, of course, want the best for your little one. Therefore, it is quite obvious that you would also want to ensure their utmost safety while traveling with them. Baby car seat is one item that is very important when you take the risk of carrying your child in to the car. In this article, we will list out only those 5 convertible baby seats that meet the following tests:

  • Parental comfort
  • Baby comfort
  • Ease of use.

This list is completely unbiased to brand value or market competition, ensuring to you that our focus is only what is best for your child, and not sales number. One needs to understand that when they plan to buy a baby car seat they should look for ease of installation and comfort above everything else. While you would not mind a difficult to install car seat, thinking that it would be in the same car for a long time. But what if there’s a situation where you would have to move it out to a different car? Hence a smart decision here to make is to consider ease of installation and comfort.

What Are The Types Of Baby Seats?

Before we share with you a list of the best convertible baby seats in the market, here are the three types of baby seats that are commonly used, and you absolutely need to know.

  1. Infant Seat

Carrying your baby along with you while traveling requires you to constantly ensure they are safe. You need to buckle them up well, make sure they are seated safe and have cup holders around them to fit in their baby bottles. Here in comes infant seat that swears on keeping your baby seated in the middle of the back seat comfortably. It is partly a carrier and partly a backseat bassinet. You might ask why the backseat? It is better accessible and safer than the sides. Buckle them up and once the base is in you can click or unclick the car seat and transfer it to a stroller.

  1. Convertible Seat

Once your infant becomes a little big bring them to the front seat. Ideally it is recommended that they be above 2 years of age. Look for a convertible seat that is front facing or rear facing, but make sure they don’t transform into a baby carrier, like an infant seat. It is a perfect choice for those who are always on the go or travel more often.

  1. Booster Seat

A booster seat is recommended for kids who are above the age of four years. They will be able to use a seat belt by then. These seats are lightweight and are also portable. It gives you a three in one option – rear facing, front facing and booster option.

Convertible car seats are usually heavier and bulkier than other infant car seats. They can easily be installed and reinstalled to other vehicles. Although a convertible seat can be placed in both front seat as well as back, it is safe to keep your child in a rear-facing position for as long as you can, regardless of the height. Make sure to not use the latch is the combined weight of the seat and the child is 65 pounds or over.

Best Convertible baby car seats – Detailed Reviews!

In this article, we share with you a list of 5 best convertible baby seats that are ideal for your child when you are traveling with them in the car.

#1 Cybex Aton Q

Cybex Aton Q ReviewThe Cybex Aton Q comes with a giant sunshade and an interior padding. This rear facing convertible baby seat has features that most rear-facing baby seats do not have. It is sleek design is a favorite among parents and comes with an easy-to-use base. It comes in three options depending on the features and budget: Gold (Aton), Silver (Atone 2) and Platinum (Aton Q). Here in we talk about the Cyber Aton Q. It comes with telescoping linear side-impact protection arms that prevent the side of your car from coming in contact with the baby seat during an accident. The harness in the seat is easily adjustable and it not just lowers or adjusts the straps but also automatically adjusts the seat to allow the sleeping infants to have a recliner-like feel that is less likely to push forward. It also comprises of a height-adjustable headrest to ensure the highest level of safety along with comfort. The selling feature here is that it comes with n XXL fold-away sun canopy with UPf50+ that will protect your kid from sun radiation and strong wind.

Age: Infant

Height: up to 30”

Weight: 4 – 35 lbs.


  • Weight limit: 4 – 35lbs
  • Height: 30” or less
  • 1 buckle slot position
  • Recline position for 2 weight ranges: 4-22 lbs and 22-35lbs.
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with a specially designed Perfect Positioner fabric inside the carrier to help properly position the infant.
  • The carrier can be installed in both standard-style and Euro-style without the base.
  • It also comprises of Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection that transfers crash energy to the carrier shell.
  • The 5 Best Convertible Baby and Toddler Car Seats.

#2 Chicco Keyfit 30

Chicco Keyfit 30 ReviewThe Chicco Keyfit 30 is a popular infant car seat. It has an easy to use and comfortable latch system. It is a high quality and beautifully designed rear-facing infant car seat that comes at an affordable price. It is ideal for parents looking for an infant seat that provides ease of installation and simple harness adjustments. The Chicco Keyfit 30 comes with a one-hand harness adjustment along with cushion padding. The padding comes with bubble levels on the base, along with easy-to-secure buckles and one-pull tightening strap. The interior of the seat is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for side impact protection and the seat pad has a thick cushion for the 5-point harness. It can comfortably accommodate babies from 4- 30 lbs. This convertible baby seat comes with infant inserts that work well to fit in smaller infants so that they can enjoy a sound sleep while you make the long drive. The base is simple to install in any vehicle. The base has a storage compartment wherein you can easily fit in diapers or wipes for urgent situations. The seat can be installed with or without the base. This means that in case you want to drive your baby in someone else’s car you can simply do that without the base. All the safety instructions for the same are provided in the user’s manual. Additionally, the base is adjustable and the harness allows the seat to fit in your growing child. This baby seat’s canopy offers protection from direct sunlight and even rain. The headrest is also adjustable. You can easily adjust the seat by using the center-pull adjustment strap, which adjusts both the straps at once with just a single pull. This baby seat is undoubtedly one of the best one in the market now.

Age: Infant

Height: up to 30”

Weight: 4 – 30 lbs.


  • Height: 26 inches
  • Harness: 5-point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam lining in carrier shell
  • Padded infant insert for extra support for infants.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comprises of one-pull tightening and loosening harness.
  • It also comprises of thick padding along with an infant insert for infants.
  • It features bubble level indicators on both sides of the base.
  • There is storage compartment to keep straps from interfering with the secure connection between carrier and base.
  • The seat covers are compatible with washing machine.

#3 Clek Foonf

Clek Foonf ReviewThe Clek Foonf is an innovative and cool convertible baby seat that comes with features like anti-rebound bar, steel magnesium frame, and GreenGuard Select certified Crypton fabric. It is very easy to install with latch anchors for rear facing making your installation process extremely easy and trouble free. The anti-rebound bar is designed to prevent rebound during the event of a crash. It also features built-in lock offs for both rear and forward facing to make it easier to open and close. The headrest is lined with energy absorbing foam and connected to the seat frame with steel rods. This convertible baby seat comes with an adjustable crotch strap that has two different lengths to fit in growing kids. Its selling feature is the REACT safety system, which means Rapid Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology safety system. It is an aluminum honeycomb that is placed under the child’s seat designed to absorb crash forces. The fabric is made of Crypton covers that are waterproof, easy to wipe and bacteria resistant. The seat comes with 10 cover options to choose from.

Age: Infant – about 5.

Height: Rear-facing 25” – 43”; Forward facing 3-“ – 49”.

Weight: Rear-facing 14 – 50 lbs, forward facing 20 – 65 lbs.


  • Anti-rebound bar, ease of installation, steel frame.
  • Rear-facing passenger weight: 14 – 50 lbs.
  • Forward facing passenger weight: 20 – 65 lbs.
  • Rear-facing passenger height: 43”.
  • Energy absorbing foam both on the inside and outside of the car seat.
  • Rapid Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology safety system.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with structural headrest, which is lined with energy absorbing foam and connected to the seat frame with steel rods.
  • Its adjustable crotch strap has two different lengths to fit in growing kids.
  • REACT (Rapid Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology) safety system is an aluminum honeycomb that is placed under the child’s seat designed to absorb crash forces.
  • The covers come in Crypton fabric, which is waterproof, and bacteria resistant.

#4 Evenflo Triumph LX

Evenflo Triumph LX ReviewThe Eventflo Triumph LX is an easy-to-install convertible seat that is comfortable and is a good value for money. This convertible seat comes with buckle pockets and the covers come with “Gel Matrix Technology” to lessen the pressure points and help bring in more comfort for your child. This baby seat also comprises of dual integrated cup holders. Alike most improvised baby seats, this too comes with a latch system for ease of installation. It has multiple harness positions so that it can fit in your growing kid comfortably. The harness also comes with tension knobs to tighten the harness with just one hand. The shell is made of foam and is energy absorbing, which makes it efficient and effective during an event of the crash. It has three recline settings on the base, of which recline position #1 MUST be used when you are installing the seat rear facing. Recline positions #2 (semi-upright) and #3 (fully upright) are to be used when installing the seat in forward-facing position. It also comes with a lower body insert and a head pillow insert. It also comes with buckle pockets, which are convenient as they hold the harness out of the way when you are getting your baby to sit in it and also when you are unloading the child. The buckle pockets can also help to shield the buckle tongues from sunlight during a summery day out. The cover is easy to remove and replace so that you don’t have to struggle to remove them to wash. The cover is also washing machine compatible. However, it is recommended that you use it in cold water with mild detergent on low heat for 10—15 minutes and remove them immediately.

Age: Infant – 5 years of age.

Height: Rear-facing 19” – 37”, forward-facing 28” – 50”.

Weight: Rear-facing 5 – 40 lbs, forward-facing 22 – 65 lbs.


  • Helps protect rear-facing infants from 5 – 40 pounds and forward-facing infants from 22 – 65 pounds.
  • The e3 Side Impact Protection reduces side impact force up to 50% through 3 layers of expanded zone protection.
  • The Quick Connector Latch System allows to quickly and safely reinstall the seat in different cars.
  • The 5-point Infinite Slide harness can slide easily.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • The dual integrated cup holders allow fitting in your child’s favorite drinks.
  • It has up-front 3 positioning recline.
  • It also comes with an adjustable headrest with a removable head pillow.
  • It is easy to use with washing machine.

#5 Britax Pinnacle ClickTight

Britax Pinnacle ClickTight ReviewThe superior comfort and ease of use make the Britax Pinnacle ClickTight one of the most popular baby seats among parents. It is easy to install and its 3 layers of Side Impact Protection offers external cushions for maximum crash force absorption. This baby seat also offers a foam headrest to allow your baby to comfortably place their head and neck. It also features multiple recline positions to adjust your child’s comfort while also ensuring the best installation angle for your vehicle. There is also 9-point quickly adjustable harness to easily adapt to your child. There is an EZ buckle system that holds the belly pad out of the way when loading or unloading your child. The fabric of the seat is compatible with washing machine and is very easy to clean as well. If you search for it online, you will mostly receive positive reviews. It is effective, comfortable, easy to install. Above all, if you wish to remove it and install it in a different vehicle it will surprisingly come very easy to you as well.

Age: 2 – 12 years.

Height: forward-facing 30” – 58”, booster 45” – 62”.

Weight: forward-facing 25 – 90 lbs, booster 40 – 120 lbs.


  • SafeCell technology in base
  • Integrated steel bars reinforce the shell
  • EZ buckle system holds the belly pad out of the way
  • Easy to remove and washable covers
  • 9 years of lifespan
  • Quick adjust no-thread harness.

Why Do We Recommend it

  • There is a ClickTight installation system for ease of installation.
  • It comes with Side Impact Cushion technology.
  • It has cutting-edge safety features including steel bar construction and large side-impact panels.
  • With 9 years of lifespan, it can hold your growing child for many years.

Wrapping Up

It is given that if you have a baby and you have a car, you definitely need a convertible baby seat. The kind, model, and style depend on you and your baby’s comfort. Although there are a number of options in the market you need to be sure about the features that a convertible seat offers before you plan to buy one. You also need to figure out which car seat will work for which age. This is the reason why a convertible car seat is a great option, as it tends to adjust your growing kid to sit on it comfortably and at great ease. These convertible seats are typically meant to last for a number of years depending on their usability and care. These are generally the car seats you will use for the longest period of time, as they are easy to clean, comfortable and has multiple reclining positions. With this comprehensive list, we hope you find for yourself and your kid the best convertible baby seat to give your baby the comfortable ride they deserve.

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