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People love to stroll around the neighbourhood but often leave if just after they have had their baby. There’s ABSOLUTELY no reason to stop after you have kids! In fact, you should become all the more self-caring once you become a parent. It is suitable for your health as well as a healthy feeling to take out time to do some exercise, get fresh air and of course, stay happy. Hence, one thing that makes it easier for you to stay active is a jogging stroller.

Why Do You Need A Jogging Stroller?

If you plan to do jogging or walk around bumpy sidewalks or through rough surfaces, you won’t be able to do with a traditional stroller. You will need a jogging stroller! We will give you some crucial reasons why you would need a jogging stroller:

  1. Jogging strollers absorb the bouncing that comes through with intense speed and uneven surfaces. It will help to keep your kid safe and comfortable as well.
  2. Jogger stroller has three super-sized wheels in a triangle configuration and a suspension system that helps to glide over uneven surfaces and decrease the impact of jolts on your baby.
  3. Traditional strollers do not have all the features of a jogger stroller, but a jogger stroller can act as a conventional stroller.

Here’s to keep in mind that you cannot use the jogger stroller to run around or jog with your kid until he or she is not at least eight months old, although it is advisable that you wait until they are at least 12 months old. Jogger stroller can accommodate children up to five years of age.

A lot of people use the standard stroller that has four wheels for jogging purpose too, but there are severe drawbacks to it as it can be used only in flat surfaces and we need to be careful while padding the child while you run so that they are secure and safe. It is so because the stroller tends to skitter on the path due to the shopping cart wheels.

Factors to consider before buying a jogger stroller

Here are few things you need to consider before you buy a jogger stroller. These are the features that are a must-have in any good jogger stroller so ensure that your running session is a smooth one, and your baby is safe and secure as well:

  1. Locking Front Wheel: The kind of jogger stroller that comes with a front wheel that is permanently locked in place ensuring that the stroller that stays in place to prevent the bumps of uneven surfaces are the best kind of jogger strollers. There are again those, which have front wheels that swivel so that you can easily manoeuvre it when you are walking and locks perfectly in place when you are running. This kind of jogger stroller is also great for running purpose.
  2. Safety Tether: A safety tether is a lease that circles your wrist and attaches to the stroller in case you ever lose your grip while handling it.
  3. Brakes: If your jogger stroller does not have brakes it is of no use. You should always buy a jogger stroller that has parking brakes so that every time you use them, you can stop it immediately in case of a bump ahead or if you want to park the stroller. Some strollers also come with a hand brake that helps to slow down the stroller.
  4. Five-Point Harness: These are similar to the harness in a baby’s car seat to help secure your child and tie them up in place.
  5. Canopy: Look for a jogger stroller that has a larger canopy that can protect your kid from the sun.
  6. Recliner: For the extra comfort of your kid when they are placed in the stroller, it is essential to have a reclining seat. It helps your kid sit comfortably in their stroller when you are running, and they are taking a nap.
  1. Chicco TRE Performance Jogger Stroller

Chicco TRE Performance Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Chicco TRE Performance Jogger Stroller has been designed for kids from as early as six months of age. It features 16 pneumatic rear tires and 12-inch front tires. It also comes with a hand-operated deceleration brake. The selling feature of this jogger stroller from Chicco is its water resistant canopy, which comes with a peek-a-boo window. It also has a multi-position reclining seat, which has a 5-point harness system. The armbar is removable, and you can attach them to an infant car seat. It also features a large storage basket an a parent tray with a cup holder to hold your baby’s bottles, or in case you carry a bottle of water or shake with you. Another great feature in it is the locking front wheel that helps to ensure that the stroller is permanently locked in place when you are not using it or plan to take a break in between your running sessions. It also comes with a one-hand fold and an aluminium frame along with quick release wheels that help to make the folding compact.

Running Ability: The Chicco Jogger Stroller comes with an adjustable handlebar, which helps while you are running, and for having suspension.

Manoeuvring: It comes with a locking front wheel that helps to lock the stroller in place and also prevents you from having to touch the wheels.

Ease of use:  This stroller has a large storage bin under the seat. You can hold your baby’s diapers and other small essentials in it with ease. The parent console is also made of canvas with three mesh pockets that cannot hold water bottles but small little essentials.

Quality: The fabric of the stroller is a heavier coarse weave and does not hold much crud or debris in it like most other options. Even if it does, it can easily be wiped off and cleaned.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • It comes with an integrated removable arm bar.
  • The seat can be removed to create a frame carrier.
  • It features front locking wheels and pneumatic tires.
  • The push handle comes with a four-height position for a customized fit.
  1. Thule Urban Glide Jogger Stroller

Thule Urban Glide Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Thule Urban Glide Jogger Stroller comes with impressive run ability and ease of manoeuvrability. This stroller comes with the fantastic combination of standout features and high performance that makes it an excellent stroller for joggers. The Thule Urban Glide is a mean machine designed for active parents who value performance and durability. It rolls on large air-filled tires that together with rear-wheel suspension provide a smooth ride and high manoeuvrability. The Glide offers plenty of storage including a basket with a cover, two mesh seat pockets, at the back of the basket is a tiny zipper pocket and a large pocket at the end of the seat. A handlebar helps to reduce the pace of the stroller.

Running Ability: The Urban Glide 2 has wheels connected to the frame with a turning lock wheel in the front with adjustable tracking with huge knobs. The stroller is functioned to run on gaseous rubber tires which helps in navigating the pathway. Initially, it will be a task to handle the front wheel, but the stroller will not ramble. The expert runners have claimed that it is very runnable once you get the hang of it.

Brakes: The brakes are single action with an extra-large plastic pedal in the middle of the rear axle making it easy to set and release. The Urban Glide 2 consists of a deacceleration brake not found in most strollers. The brake is a unique twisting handbrake in the middle of the handlebar. It is simple to handle it and turn and does a decent job of slowing the stroller.

Storage: The Urban Glide’s storage bin is large and comes with a weather-proof zippered cover to keep everything clean and prevent them from falling out. The basket is easy to access from the rear and sides and has a maximum weight capacity of 10 lbs. The Urban Glide 2 has a mesh pocket on the back of the seat that is large enough for most convenience items, and passenger meshes pockets inside the passenger area for sippy cups and snacks.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • Swivel front wheel for easy manoeuvrability- locks into place for jogging.
  • Ergonomic handlebar with a range of heights for parent’s comfort.
  • The pads are water repellant and removable for washing.
  • Turn your Thule Urban Glide into a travel system with the car seat adapter
  • Padded seat with vented top reclines to a near flat position for on-the-go naps
  • One-handed compact fold for storing and transporting.
  1. BOB Revolution Flex Lunar Jogger Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Lunar Jogger Stroller ReviewBOB is one of the leading brands in the jogging stroller category. It was launched two decades ago, featuring a patent suspension system, wheels made of polymer, padded reclining seat and easy to fold frame. The wheels in the front provide controlling power and stability while running. But BOB strollers have more exciting features. The swivelling fore wheel provides you with the flexibility to use your jogger to run errands at the mall, walk around the neighbourhood or take trips to the playground. And with an added car seat adaptor for the littlest of babies, a BOB stroller is genuinely the only stroller you’ll ever need. BOB strollers are sleek, durably designed and lightweight. The adjustable handlebars, reflective fabrics, and hand-activated brakes were intended for runners, as they result in smooth and effortless manoeuvres.

Ease of use: The Revolution Flex in Lunar has features that we all like so dearly. It has pneumatic tires with a good suspension system for a good ride. Try to lock the wheel in the rare position when you are speeding your pace.  Recline your little one with just one hand, and seat them fully upright when they’re ready to explore with you.

Durability: BOB strollers support a healthy and active journey with the baby. There are times when you can fit a walk either in early morning or evening. A reflective stroller will make you feel right about your crazy busy schedule. It is not always for the parent who likes to run but also for parents who stroll around in harsh terrain; BOBs are a convenient, durable, and reliable option.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • Lunar reflective fabric keeps you in the visibility range during morning jogs or evening strolls.
  • Swivelling-locking front wheel swivels to manoeuvre tight turns with ease or locks forward for increased stability when jogging or on rough terrain.
  • Adjustable padded handlebar offers nine spots to build an ideal fit for parents of all heights.
  • State-of-the-art adjustable suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride.
  • It has a large storage capacity, and its easy folding makes it great for transportation as well. Frame Materials: High-strength aluminium alloy.
  1. Bumbleride Speed Jogger Stroller

Bumbleride Speed Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Bumbleride has released a new jogging stroller called Speed. It’s a luxury jogging stroller designed for hardcore joggers. It rolls on three large air-filled tires that together with all-wheel suspension can handle any type of terrain. But, the best feature is the three-speed steering on the front wheel that allows you to choose between 360-degree swivel, locked forward, or 30 degrees locked modes. It is a significant advantage since most joggers have only swivel and locked modes. It also features large canopy, large basket, easy one-step fold, deep recline, adjustable handlebar, and roomy seat.

Durability: The Bumbleride jogging stroller is built for the elements outside. The frame is incredibly sturdy and rust resistant. The fabrics of the stroller are entirely eco-friendly, as their h recycled plastics and partners providing high-quality material. Although the maximum weight limit is 65lbs, you’d be surprised that it can fit a child heavier than 55 lbs. This high-end jogger is definitely a keeper.

Ease of use: The Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller is designed in a way which is easy to use. The handlebar is adjustable-makes it flexible to grip the stroller single-handedly. It has a massive storage pocket in which you can store snacks and a bottle of water. With the three-mode steering system, you can easily handle the Bumbleride Speed Jogging Stroller at different speeds.

Brakes: The brake of the Bumbleride Speed Jogger Stroller is a single action foot brake that links the front tires. It does not take a lot of effort to attach and detach. However, the foot brake will be hard to use with sandals, and the stroller does not have a handbrake. Therefore, not advisable to use on hilly terrain.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • Speed3 Steering System: Run. Jog. Walk.
  • Eco fabrics that feature recycled plastics
  • All-wheel suspension and air-filled tires that include a pump in it.
  • 1-step fold with auto lock and compact, standing stow.
  • 3 Year warranty
  1. Graco Relay Jogger Stroller

Graco Relay Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Graco Relay Click Connect is a great jogging stroller which will not break the bank. People who want to stay fit while taking care of their baby should consider purchasing the Graco Relay Click Connect. It has a great sleek design and a sturdy frame made out of high-grade aluminium that is built to last the terrors of a bumpy road. The tires on the Graco Relay Click Connect are also very durable, they are pneumatic tires. The stroller also has suspension on all wheels to help absorb the shock from bumps and edges. Along with a UV50 canopy that will protect the little one from the sun!

Durability: The Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller is a durable stroller made out of high-grade aluminium which is both lightweight and durable. The wheels are pneumatic which means that they contain compressed air and are built to withstand sharper edges, abrasions and long runs.

Brakes: The Graco Relay Click Connect has a single break on the bottom of the stroller that can lock both of the rear end wheels. The only explanation as to why this does not have a 10/10 in this category is that there is no handbrake.

Ease of use: The Graco Relay Click Connect is effortless to operate! It can be folded in one fold which makes it easy to use. The sunshade can collapse and expand quickly. The safety bar can be released and hold when required. The harness is also easy to handle with a click of a button it comes off. Another advantage is that there is a strap that wraps around the user’s wrist for a good grip!

Why Do We Recommend It

  • All the necessary accessories are in this ultimate performance jogger, so there’s nothing more to buy
  • Pneumatic tires and a locking front-swivel wheel with tracking are built to handle all of your jogs while staying active with baby
  • Jogging strollers premium suspension system offers high-grade performance for a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Breathable, premium tech fabrics are for your child’s comfort and feature reflective piping for added visibility in low light
  • One-fold provides the ultimate in convenience for moms on the go
  1. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogger Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight is the only jogging stroller from Joovy. This three-wheel sports stroller with front wheel suspension, locking swivel front wheel, pneumatic tires, a parent console, and an under-seat storage bin. This stroller earned a respectable score for manoeuvrability and weight and folded size, but it came in under average in most metrics we tested. The Zoom does not offer adjustable tracking, suspension, or handlebar height; features that most of the competition had at least a few. Also, it didn’t score that well for run-ability, and we had some trouble keeping it from veering off course. A few upgrades and it can be one of the bestsellers.

Running Ability: The Joovy has a locking front swivel wheel, and it does seem to track fairly straight. The safety strap is to be attached to the handlebar when not in use to keep it out of the way. It is connected low on the frame, and it allows the user to choose which wrist to wear it on. Adjustable tracking and handlebar would make this stroller easier to run.

Manoeuvrability: The Joovy is one of the easiest in the group to push and turn on flat hard surfaces. It is responsive when turning the stroller at speeds (especially with one hand). This makes it easier to turn in less space and negotiate crowded areas.

Ease of use: The Joovy sunshade is extensive and offers reasonably good coverage. The parasol sits higher up on the frame than some of the competition, so it is ineffective at blocking lower setting sun and wind. It has a beautiful big peek-a-boo window, but the cover has hook and loop closures that can be loud especially when you want to keep a check on the baby but not disturb him.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • The extra full seat sits high to give child great visibility, multi-position seat recline
  • Includes parent organizer, running leash, and tire pump
  • Quick release 16″ rear wheels and 12.5″ swivel front wheel that locks straight
  • Aluminium frame with shock absorbing suspension
  • Easy, compact fold
  1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Baby Trend Expedition is a budget-friendly stroller and is the cheapest stroller in this group; making it a user-friendly option and is suitable for short jogs and parents looking for rubber pneumatic tires that can travel various types of terrains comfortably. We recommend this stroller for its price which will make the casual stroller very happy. The option of a rear swivel wheel locking gives you manoeuvrability while strolling or for its strength when it’s in the locked position during a jog or going over some harsh terrain. The safety strap keeps you connected with your stroller at all times, which gives us a sense of happiness. Lead your baby out into the world by joining the car seat to this stroller and turn it into a travel buddy. You will not be able to jog with the stroller to provide extra safety for your kid, but walking is still good exercise, and you’ll feel great. The baby should at least be six months old to ride the stroller.

Running ability: The Expedition can run straight without excessive veering off course. It is easy to turn the locked wheel and to get it back on the path.

Brakes: The brakes on the Expedition are double action and require two pedals to be pressed for the brakes to be completely engaged. The pedals are used to set and release.

Fold/ Unfold: Folding the Expedition is relatively simple. It is a two-handed fold initiated by sliding the side levers up and one pull on the handle located under the seat. The folding lock is manual. You can engage and disengage the rear wheel for a more compact fold, though this stroller folds smaller than average stroller with the wheel intact.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • The front wheel is lockable or swivels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Quick release 16 inch rear and 12-inch front all-terrain bicycle-style.
  • The parent tray can hold two cups conveniently and has covered compartment storage.
  • Infant car seat adapter has two cup holders.
  • The trigger fold easily breaks down the stroller to a compact travel and storage size.
  1. Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Stroller

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Stroller ReviewThe Graco Fast Action Fold Jogger is easy on the eyes stroller that has that going for it. With a rear swivel wheel that can continually get locked, combined with an inability to track straight and a consensus that we’d like to burn it as opposed to push it, this is a stroller we don’t recommend. The wheelbase is two feet wide, which is very good for stability, as mentioned when you use this stroller with the car seat. Rear swivel wheel turns tightly, and the 15-inch rear wheels take on all sorts of terrain like a champ. The strong point of this stroller is that the radius of the front wheel is tight. As these tires are pneumatic, the cushion from the air gives you a natural suspension system, and you can enjoy a nice smooth ride. A simple flip of a lever at the front of the footrest cone locks the swivel wheel into place and makes going over rough surfaces much more comfortable, or provides better stability during your jog. The reflectors on the rear wheels add a measure of safety during low lightings such as early mornings or evening outings.

Manoeuvrability: While manoeuvrability is difficult with any fixed wheel stroller or with a locked swivel wheel, it is relatively easy to move this swivel wheel stroller around because that is the whole purpose of the rotating wheel.

Ease of use: This stroller has a huge storage bin under the seat that can be accessed easily from the sides and back. You will be able to fit your extra-large diaper bag in it with a little bit of wiggling.

Quality: If you want a high-quality product at a reasonable rate then choose Graco. The frame is well-built, but the joints twitch, and it rattles at speed and flexes when you struggle to keep it linear. The padding on the seat is relatively thicker. The profile of the stroller is rectangular. The handle is flat and covered in foam for hand-friendliness.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Jogging Stroller accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats with a secure one-step attachment
  • One-second, one-hand fold has an automatic storage lock and is self-standing when folded
  • Air-filled rubber tires offer suspension
  • The stroller features locking rear swivel wheel provides a smooth transition from daily strolling to jogging
  1. BOB Ironman Jogger Stroller

BOB Ironman Jogger Stroller ReviewThe BOB Ironman stroller is a fixed wheel runner that aims to be lightweight for serious runners. It is known for its run-ability and weight and folded size. Your child can sit in comfort in a padded multi-position reclining seat, which has been redesigned to give better support. An improved 5-point safety harness provides better adjustability for a more secure fit as your child grows. The BOB Ironman stroller is water resistant and has a foam padding with heat-pressed Poly and Dobby weave fabric. Net pockets on each side of the interior keep your child’s toys secure so you won’t have to stop mid-run for dropped playthings.

Running ability: The Ironman has adjustable tracking making it easy to use and can also keep the stroller from drifting without much hassle. This stroller can be tipped as required for turning with a fixed or locked front wheel. The smooth tread on the tires helps prevent excessive vibration from travelling to the handlebar. The handbrake which slows down the stroller works well and helps the runner conserve energy as they stop on hilly terrain.

Brakes: The Ironman has single action brakes that are easy to set and release with the red pedal between the back wheels. The pedal is sandal foot friendly. This BOB also features a handbrake, as previously mentioned, and it is easy to use.

Storage: The Ironman has a massive storage bin located relatively under the handle, making it difficult to access things. We can fit the items in the back and side, but it can hold. The bin only holds up lbs. This stroller has a pocket on the end of the seat with an elastic top that keeps it snug to the seat. The inside has two mesh passenger stow pockets.

Why Do We Recommend It

  • The fixed front wheel provides increased stability whether jogging or speed training.
  • 16″ semi-slick, air-filled tires on lightweight aluminium alloy wheels mean that this stroller has good speed.
  • Hand-activated front calliper brake for added control when jogging downhill.
  • Adjustable padded handlebar offers nine positions to create the perfect fit for parents of all heights.
  • The fixed front wheel provides increased stability whether jogging or speed training
  • State-Of-The-Art adjustable suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and two stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride.

Now that you have read this comprehensive and well-researched list of the top 9 jogger strollers in the market in 2018 and all the guidelines you need to follow before buying a stroller for your little one, we assure you half the work has been done for you. Go out there and purchase the best jogger stroller for your little one and don’t forget to share with us about your experience.

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