About Us

Parenting is an art, and you gradually get good at it. Being a parent is not difficult, but it is definitely a challenging task. The constant need for care, making sure your child morally grows the same way you did, fulfilling their never-ending demands, playing the role of a chef, caretaker, doctor, teacher, entertainer, friend and any other profession the situation demands, is what parenting is about. Just having children makes you no more a parent than having a piano makes you a pianist.

Parenting Alarm helps you to be the ideal parent, guiding you through everything you need to know, material or otherwise, about the parenthood. Whether you want to buy the perfect jogging stroller for your baby, or you want to address the separation anxiety developed by your child – everytime you leave him/her, or whether you are having any personal concerns like weight gain post delivery etc., Parenting Alarm will make sure you get the answer to all of it.

We want our children to cooperate, without yelling, threats, bribes or punishment. We want to build a stronger bond instead of struggling for control. We want our kids to grow up into happy, responsible, competent and considerate people. We want to be able to consult our child through challenges emerging at every stage. These are the moral aspects that would help you in your quest of being a good parent and will help your child to be emotionally intelligent.

Besides this, we will also guide you through the material aspects of parenting, like ensuring the best quality of healthcare commodities for your little one, trending products, buying the best baby carrier, stroller, car seat for the infant etc. Our in-depth research and the experience of the author in parenting helps us to give the best parenting advice.

Though the Rules never bound Art, the experience and experts’ insights can always help you to get better at it.