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Isn’t it wonderful to watch your baby start crawling for the first time? These are her first steps to independence, and you must appreciate her for learning how to move on her own. Babies are very active, and when they first learn to crawl, they love to explore new areas of the house. They can finally grab the toy lying on your floor or could reach your lipstick and draw with on the floor. A crawling child is always a naughty child, but it’s fun to let her experience the world independently.

However, as a responsible mother, you should babyproof your home before your child starts crawling. If she has just started crawling, she will soon be confident enough to move around the house unsupervised. Here are ten ways to babyproof your home to keep her secure at all times.

  1. Electrical outlets

All the electrical outlets in your home should be covered by furniture or with the help of duct time. This ensures that your child doesn’t accidentally put her fingers in the outlets and get a shock. The buttons should also be secured tightly in their place with the help of duct tape. Sometimes, the baby could repeatedly press the button, and a short circuit could result in a shock.

  1. Chipping paint

If there is any area in your home where the paint is chipping or peeling away, make sure that you get it corrected, especially if it within the baby’s reach. Kids have a habit of putting things in their mouth, and your child may accidentally swallow some peeling paint in their curiosity. This can cause not only choking hazards but also cause serious health problems.

  1. Non-slip rugs

Babies don’t have a very firm grip over their hands and legs when they first start walking. When they walk on floors, they may still be protected with this walk. However, as soon as they land on rugs, they could slip. Their heads may especially be under threat of injury as babies can’t control a fall or minimize damage in any way. Put tape under the rugs to secure them firmly to the floor and save your kids. If not, get rid of rugs altogether.

  1. Remove tablecloths

While crawling around the house, children can get attracted to tablecloths. They are usually brightly coloured and may have frills too which makes children reach out to them. In such a case, anything laying over the table could fall straight on the head of your baby. Therefore, it will be wise to say goodbye to tablecloths.

  1. Garbage can safety

Make sure that the garbage cans in the house are not too small and they are always tightly covered with a latch. Children have a habit of looking around, and they may ingest something from the can. They could even cut themselves or get exposed to health risks. So, make sure garbage cans are bigger and always remain covered.

  1. Get rid of wobbly furniture

Do you have any furniture in the house that is wobbly and may not stay secure at its place? If yes, then you should either get it fixed quickly or get rid of it completely. Such furniture items could be harmful to the baby. In the worst-case scenario, they could fall on the baby and cause fractures.

  1. Remove products from her vicinity

Do you have a habit of leaving things at the counter where the child can easily reach them? Stop doing this immediately and move everything a foot up. Your lipsticks, clips, documents and even wallets shouldn’t be around babies. The same is true for your phones and medication. Your child drawing on the floor with your lipstick is one thing and her consuming your body lotion another. Be careful.

  1. Keep doors and windows locked

Always keep doors and windows locked, especially the doors of the bathroom. This is one place where the child could be in danger. She could fall or consume something.

  1. Stair barricades

The stairs are a prominent area for hazards. Barricade all the stairs, so you don’t find the child tumbling down.

  1. Pick everything up from the floor

Small toys, wrappers, clothes, products, accessories and anything else lying unattended on the floor will get your child’s attention. Remove them as well as plants, planters etc.

These were a few ways in which you could babyproof your home. Let us know which ideas work the best for your baby.

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